How to locate a part on our site.

 Use the master part finder found on your brands part page. Select the part your looking for then enter your model or part number.





Locating parts on our site

How do I know this is the correct part?
ANSWER: Our primary goal is to make sure you receive the correct part. Our part finder database is very large and can search thousands of model numbers and part numbers to find the correct part, our call center uses the same system. When ordering online, there will be an option at the bottom of the order form for an additional part order verification. Our part research department will research your information and verify it before we ship or charge you. Enter your units model  and serial number at the bottom of the order form and we will add this additional verification.  This verification does not delay shipment of your order.
I see it found the part but the part number is different or has additional digits?
ANSWER: The part finder can cross reference by model or part number. The model number is recommended so that you will receive the newest updated part from the manufacture. We have our own internal part numbers that reference your part. Use the number the part finder gives you when you place your order. All orders are double checked before they leave to verify you receive the correct part.
I see it found my part but there is no picture?
ANSWER: Do to the fact that there is over 4 million pictures of parts we are unable put them all up on the web. The majority of pictures are on microfiche film card which can't be converted to a format that could be displayed on a website, faxed or emailed. If the part finder found your part, feel secure that you will receive the correct part as all orders are verified again before they ship.

The description says the part has been updated or there is a revision?
ANSWER: Sometimes parts may look different from the original, due to design changes, improvements to the part quality or other revisions made by the manufacture. Part numbers can also change. This is a very common practice in the industry. Your part may be updated, but it is still the genuine replacement part. These updates greatly benefit the user.

The description says "Available Yes"?
ANSWER: The part is in stock and can ship unless it says "special order required".

The description says "Available No"?
ANSWER: Part is not available from our company.

What does genuine or OEM mean?
ANSWER: This is the actual replacement part made by the manufacture, not an aftermarket or generic lower quality part. Genuine parts are always the ones to order. Beware of cheaper priced parts. The part finder results are all genuine parts.

How long is delivery and what is the cost?
ANSWER: Orders placed online over $150 receive free ground shipping. We strive for an quick delivery time. We have over 50 warehouses to ship from. Delivery can take between 1-7 days. If the part is very critical to you we would recommend you use the rush delivery option on the order form..